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How We Started LIANI?

Liani is not just a fashion brand. She’s the result of hard work, and a deep-seated desire to make a difference in the fashion world. Our story began long before we even knew what real fashion was. We used to sit together and sketch designs in our Topmodel books, dreaming of a world where fashion was more than just clothes, but a reflection of our innermost selves.

Years passed by, and we both kind of let our interest in fashion fade away. However, fate had other plans for us. One day, İlayra came to me and said that she wanted to start a fashion brand, and she wanted me to be a part of it. At that moment, I knew that this was our calling.

From there on, we began our journey to create a brand that reflected our personalities, our vision, and our mission. Along the way, we asked Lara to hop on our journey too, since she’s also into fashion, and had always been part of our little dream. We built our brand’s background and persona, but we knew that we needed a talented fashion designer to bring our sketches to life. That’s when we met Taha. From the very first meeting, we knew that he was the one who could bring Liani to life. His passion, creativity, and talent were undeniable, and together we became the LIANI family.

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As we watched our sketches turn into real-life prototypes, we felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that is hard to describe. We knew that we were onto something special. The real magic happened when we had our first photoshoot. It was at that moment that Liani became more than just a dream. She became real.

Liani is not just me, Lara, Taha or Ilayra. It’s a combination of our personalities, our passion for fashion, and our desire to make a difference in the world. We both struggled with body image issues, and we wanted to create a brand that would help people feel confident and beautiful in their skin. That’s why Liani is so much more than just another clothing brand. It’s a movement.

As we look back on our journey, we feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and gratitude. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our vision with the world, and we are humbled by the interest we’ve received. We invite you to join the Liani movement, to be a part of something special, and to wear our clothes with pride.

In a world where fast fashion dominates the industry, Liani stands out as a brand that cares about the environment, sustainability, and empowering women. Our luxurious pieces are made with high-quality fabrics and designed to fit perfectly, ensuring that you feel confident and beautiful every time you wear them.

Join the Liani movement, and let us help you shine like the star you were born to be.

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